Beniarbeig is a rich and prosperous agricultural village, mainly growing citrus fruits, though an industrial estate has recently been opened. Beniarbeig enjoys a privileged geographical position and its prosperous economy has ensured that it is one of the largest villages in the area (1,191 inhabitants). It is located next to the Girona River that flows between the province of Valencia and the Racons ravine. The parish church, the school opposite and the old Ayuntamiento are some of the architectural features of note.

Arrós amb fessols y naps (rice with beans and turnips), mullaor d´aspinetes, bull amb ceba, gamba amb bledes(shrimp with spinach).

Guitars and cages.

Church of Santa Cruz, ‘Porxes’ and colourful façades.

Major celebrations are held during the last week of August in honour of St Roch and the Virgin of Sorrows.

This locality is situated at the start of the Valle de la Retoría. It is easily reached from Ondara; there are exits on the A-7 and the N-332. 95 km from Alicante, 52 km from Benidorm.

There is an Iberian settlement on the summit of Monte Segaria.

Fishing and paragliding.


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